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The New 7th Dimensional Healing System

Welcome into the Blue Light

We welcome you as you have joined us in our effort to unite the light workers on planet Earth. The Blue Light Star System is the beginning of all our plans to unite all. This is why we would like to take this opportunity to tell you why and how the Blue Light works. The…
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What is the Blue Light Star System

I have had many questions from people about what this system actually is or does. This is a completely new energy that is coming to earth and I have asked Kuthumi to explain it a bit more. He tells me that the Reiki energy has been on earth for a long time, and with all…
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This new 7th dimension and higher healing system can be used the same way as the Reiki energy. The difference is it is fueled by the Ashtar command and it has a much higher frequency.   His ships have been around the earth for a long time and at this point where some of us…
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